Each participant has the ability to turn off notifications in their Participant Center. For Team Captains, this means that they won't get notifications when donations are made to the team as well as donations made to their personal page. Please have the captain login to their Participant Center and turn the notifications on.

This is located on the progress page, near the bottom left. And looks like "Gift Notifications: On turn off )"

There has been some question in the past whether captains receive team gift notifications.  To clarify, they do get notifications for personal as well as team gifts, as long as the notifications are turned on.  The option to turn on the notification only exists in the personal progress page, but not on the team progress page, which is what causes most of the confusion.

Another reason the notifications may not be going through, could be that the sender email address in the Autoresponder "Someone Made a Donation on Your Behalf", is not set on the SPF record, or is not spelled correctly.

You can check if it is on the SPF record here:


If you get a red X as a result of doing the check, it means your SPF record is not set to approve emails from that address.  Contact your IT person or DNS provider and they can assist you in correcting that.