This error occus when the admin profiles for the user are not properly linked between Luminate Online and Luminate CRM.

In Luminate CRM, "admins" have User accounts. The User accounts get mapped to a system created admin record in Luminate Online. This allows the User to do things in CRM that make API calls into the online system. Thus, people may find duplicate admin records in CLO and accidentally delete one, despite that the purpose was to be a Luminate CRM Admin profile's counterpart in Luminate Online. When this happens, the admin profile does not have a counterpart in which to make the API call to Luminate Online for duplicate management.

To resolve this error, make sure there is an admin record in Luminate Online with a value in the "Luminate CRM Administrative User ID" field that matches the admin's User record in Luminate CRM, which will begin with 005.