When using the create method with the SRConsAPI servlet, login_name and login_password are listed as optional fields. If you use the add_group_ids parameter, login_name and login_password become required fields. There are two methods of resolving this issue:

  1. Instead of using the SRConsAPI servlet, use the CRConsAPI servlet as it doesn’t use login_name or login_password parameters.
  2. If you want to continue using the SRConsAPI, use the credentials for a valid API administrator with the parameters login_name and login_password.

To find valid API administrator credentials, log in to Luminate as an administrator and perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Select Site Options from the dropdown menu
  3. Select the Green Open API Configuration tab
  4. Click the Blue link "Edit server API configuration"
  5. You will now see a table that lists API administrator accounts
The API Administrator accounts listed here can also be seen in the API Administrator group in Constituent360. A very important thing to note is that regular administrators should never be added to this group as it will disable their ability to log in to Luminate. The credentials listed in the API administrator group is strictly reserved for authenticating API calls.