Error: You have been logged out. Log back into WebPortal. When trying to log into WebPortal 7.86.69

When logging into WebPortal 7.86.69 users are immediately logged out and presented with the following error:
Error: You have been logged out.  Log back into WebPortal.
If you are using WebPortal version 7.86.69, then you must be using  Financial Edge 7.86.93 Patch 4, Financial Edge 7.87.164 Patch 1 or Financial Edge 7.87.164 Patch 2.

If you are not running Financial Edge 7.86.93 Patch 4 or higher you must do the following:
  1. Download and update to the latest version of The Financial Edge
  2. Once you have updated the server, update the workstations and WebPortal server.


 WebPortal 7.86.69

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