How to Assist Users with Password Reset Request Email Deliverability Issues

What do you do when you receive a call or an email from a Blackbaud Sphere Participant and/or Sphere User (Administrative) requesting assistance with retrieving/resetting their Password? This guide will walk you through the available options to assist your Customer's and/or Co-workers with resetting their Blackbaud Sphere account Password. First, we recommend gathering some additional information on what is occurring in this situation that is not allowing this individual to not be able to reset their Password.
  1. Are they clicking the "Forgot Username and/or Password?" or "Help?" link to access the Password Reset Request utility?

    Password Reset

    If the individual is using the Password Reset Request Utility above, the Password Reset Request email should be generated within 15 minutes of the request from the Sphere account.

    Please confirm the email is not located in the individual's Spam or Junk Mail folder, before attempting to generate any additional requests.

    Sphere formats its emails to appear that the individual is receiving the email directly from the Sphere administrator.

    If at least 15 minutes has passed and the email has not come through, go to Step 4 below.

    Sample Email: Sample Email

  2. Are they getting a Password Reset Request Form Error?

    If so, you can follow the Password Reset Request Form Error guide with our recommendations to resolve these errors.

  3. Have they received the message, but the Password Reset link does not appear to work?

    If so, you can follow the knowledgebase solution "Password Reset email for Sphere Users is no longer working" for our recommendations to resolve this situation.

  4. If they have checked their Inbox and their Spam/Junk folder, but still are not seeing the Password Reset Request email, we recommend two more options to allow these messages to be deliverable to this individual.
    1. The first option available is to send the Password Reset email for the Participant through the backend of Sphere with Administrative Tools.
    2. The second option includes situations where an individual could be using their work email address for their record in Sphere, which their Companies Mail Servers could be blocking communications from a address and/or our primary IP Addresses.

      In this type of situation, we recommend providing these individuals the content from our knowledgebase solution for "What are the outgoing mail server IPs used by Sphere?", so they can give it to their IT Department to allow emails with a address and with the IP addresses below to be received.

  5. Finally, if you have walked through all the steps/options above and the individual is still unable to reset their password, please Chat with Support and provide the following information/content:  
    1. Individual's First and Last Name:
    2. Individuals Current (Verified Valid) Email Address:
    3. Date/Time they attempted to reset their Password:
    4. Steps that were taken to reset their Password:
    5. Individual's Username/Login:
In closing, if an individual forgets their password or other login information, they can complete the Password Reset Request form and have the information sent to them via E-mail. The form is accessible for Sphere Users from the Help? link on the login page and for Supporters from the Forgot Username and/or Password? link on the Web site login page.

Sending login information causes Sphere to reset the password. Resetting is Sphere’s process of removing an existing password and requiring an individual to click a link in an E-mail to change the password to a new combination of alpha-numeric characters and to redefine a challenge question and answer. The E-mail specifies the length of time the link is valid.

Note: If the individual does not create a password within the valid timeframe, a request to have the login information resent can be made by re-completing the Password Reset Request form.

Passwords are automatically reset if, during the login information request, the individual provides the login name or E-mail address, and the answer to the personal challenge question. If a User is unable to provide the authentication information, an administrator can initiate a password reset using the Login Information link on the User page. If a Supporter is unable to provide the authentication information, a user can initiate a password reset using the Bookkeeping section of the initiative, or the Supporter’s Contact record.

Sphere forces users to reset passwords when login information is forgotten to help maintain data security. By always requiring password resets Sphere never needs to display un-encrypted passwords.


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