No Raiser's Edge queries are available in the Map to Offline Logical Segment dropdown - when creating Luminate Online Groups

Users may find that no queries are available in the Map to Offline Logical Segment drop down when creating a group in Luminate Online. All queries are missing from the dropdown, even though they are placed in the Luminate query category in The Raiser's Edge. Queries have the "Other users may run this query" checkbox marked, but they still do not appear. The drop down is available, but is blank after going to Luminate Online > Constituent 360 > Groups > Map a new group to an offline segment.
1. Log into Raiser's Edge
2. Click Query
3. Ensure there is a designated folder called "Luminate" If it is named anything beside "Luminate" rename the query folder.

Additionally, this issue can occur if the username in The Raiser's Edge that is used by the integration does not have Supervisor rights or rights to Query. Generally, this username is called [siteID]_relointegrationuser and can be found in Admin > Security in The Raiser's Edge. Grant this user supervisor rights to resolve the issue.

Ensure that all steps in the following solution have been attempted first. This issue is only applicable when all queries from The Raiser's Edge are missing, not just one or a few.




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