This error occurs when Raiser's Edge password does not match integration password

  1. Click Home
  2. Click The Raiser's Edge Integration
  3. Click Edit Credentials
  4. Key in your Raiser 's Edge username and password
    1. These will be your user's username and password. You can find this information by logging into the Raiser's Edge database, selecting Admin> security> locating your user. These are the credentials you will enter. If you do not know your password, have another user reset your Raiser's Edge database credentials
  5. Test Credentials
  6. If test is successful, click Save.

If test is not successful, please contact your Raiser's Edge supervisor and insure that RE7 Authentication is enabled on your Raiser's Edge account, then reset it's password.  Below is a screen shot the relationship between your Raiser's Edge and ResearchPoint.

User-added image