There is not a report within Sphere that will report on this information, but you can utilize the following workaround to create an Excel file with this information:
  1. Navigate to Contacts> Individuals> Advanced Search
  2. Expand the Communication folder
  3. Click on Past Mailings > Click Add
  4. This will list all your mailing campaigns
  5. Use the search options to to search for Date Sent between 6/1/14 and current date
  6. Use the dropdown to show 100 records per page instead of 50.
  7. Then highlight all the columns and rows in the results
  8. Open a blank Excel document
  9. Paste by right clicking and using the Paste Match Destination Formatting option (note this will require some cleanup, but this option keeps the radio buttons from being added)
  10. Then proceed to the next page and repeat till you have all pages copied and added