To be able to link the record without receiving an error, please try the following steps until the error is resolved:

1. Find the records that share an address with the record that received the exception message
2. Go to the Linking Grid and break the link between all of the records that share the address  Note: This will not delete any information on the records. It only stops the synchronization processes.
3. Delete any duplicate or out of date addresses for all the affected records in Education Edge and Raiser's Edge
4. Go to the Linking Grid and rematch all affected records
5. Once the records are matched, select match details for each record and ensure that the addresses are matched correctly on the Address tab of match details.
6. Link Records 

1. Remove any relationships listed on the record in both Education Edge and Raiser's Edge and then link the records
2. After linking the records, re-add the relationships to the record (s)