By default, when the Raiser's Edge is selected as the fund source, the donor will see all funds that are listed on the Relationship tab on the Raiser's Edge record (regardless of the relationship and reciprocal relationship type).
In order to restrict the funds that are seen in the FS- Fund Summary Part, it may be necessary to add a filter.  The filter will force the FS - Fund Summary Part to only show funds that have the specified relationship.

To access and create a filter:

1. Log in to the NetCommunity for Foundations website
2. Navigate to the page that contains the FS- Fund Summary Part
3. Click to Edit the Page
4. Click on the gear icon located in the FS - Fund Summary Part, and select Edit
5. In the Part Edit Mode, click the button to "Create/Edit Filter"
6. Click the "Add" button
7. Type in a name for your filter, and click on the relationship type(s) to display (holding down control will allow you to select multiple relationship types)
8. Click the "Save Relationships" button
9. Click to Close the Relationship Filter Editor
10. Select the filter you have just created from the "Relationship Filter" drop down
11. Click to Save the part

The next time the user logs back in, he or she will only see the funds with the designated relationships.