To uninstall the Luminate Online plug in (and/or older versions of Web Services):

  1. On the workstation, go to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features
  2. In the list of programs, look for the line item that says "The Raiser's Edge and Luminate Online Integration" (Note: This will be a separate line item from The Raiser's Edge)
  3. Right click on The Raiser's Edge and Luminate Online Integration and choose to Uninstall
  4. The uninstall wizard appears - mark the option to uninstall the Luminate Online plug in for The Raiser's Edge and/or Blackbaud Web Services (Note: Blackbaud Web Services will only be available for versions at or below 1.4.14307.1)
  5. Click Next, then Confirm
  6. Click Finish

Note: If uninstalling the Blackbaud Web Services, Luminate Online will no longer have any way to connect to The Raiser's Edge. A workstation (preferably a server with 24/7 web access) must have the Blackbaud Web Services installed in order for the two programs to properly connect.

To uninstall Blackbaud Web Services (versions higher than 1.4.14350.1):
  1. Log in to The Raiser's Edge and click on  Web Services in the navigation bar
  2. Click the link for Blackbaud Web Services
  3. Click the Uninstall Service link at the top of the Configuration Options window
  4. The Uninstall wizard appears - mark the option to Deactivate this database
  5. Click Uninstall-  Note: Deactivating and re-installing will change the GUID, a global unique identifier used to connect your RE and LO. The GUID can be found in the RELO plugin. Click RELO, Options, About link and note the Web Service URL. You must contact Support with the updated GUID value to reconnect Web Services with your Luminate database.

Note: If you also use Research Point or the Mobile Event Management, do not uninstall Blackbaud Web Services. Instead, in Web Services, click Luminate Online, and choose to deactivate only.

To reinstall the plug in and/or web services, see How to Install or Update the Luminate Online Plug in (BB748651)