All Participants show as 'Paid' in Mobile Event Management Application

All Participants show with the status of 'Paid' in the Mobile Event Management App. This happens regardless of the Participant status set within Raiser's Edge, whether or not a gift is linked to the Participant record, or whether or not Registration Fees have been added to the record.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

How the Paid status in app works for Registered participants  (Note: This is different from the Participant Status field in The Raiser's Edge Database View.)
  • $0 unit and no gift linked to participant record = Paid in app
  • No units added at all ($0 or with $$) = Paid in app
  • $$ units and linked gift = Paid in app (note: This is triggered by the gift link. It does not compare the gift amount, thus partial payment will be "paid" in the app.)
  • $$ units and linked gift = Not paid in the app
  • If there is $0 unit and a $$ unit on the same participant record, the $$ unit will cause Not Paid to show.
  • If a Participant is Not Registered, no unit info will show. Participants should be marked Registered once units are added (hence, they are "registered"). A Not Registered participant can be found, but the app will prompt for units and payments to register them via the App.
Paying in the app for a registration: This will show Paid. Even if the "pay later" option is used, that generates a pledge for the Gift Batch in RE. While that payment is an IOU, a pledge gift is recorded so it's technically paid via the app.

For the most accurate numbers in app:
> Leave as Not Registered until units are added
> Make Registered once units are added
> Do not link less than full payment to the Registered Participant record.


 Raiser's Edge
 7.93.5782, patch 8

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