1. Navigate to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon.
  2. Highlight your event’s name and then select Bookkeeping. The Bookkeeping page opens.
  3. Under Add Single Transactions, click Registration Entry. The Single Registration Entry page opens.
  4. Under Search for Registrant, search the database to see if the individual is already a contact to avoid creating a duplicate contact. If the individual is not in the database, click New.
  5. If the appropriate record is listed in the search results, click the option for the registrant.
  6. Make the appropriate selection for the type of registration you want.
  7. Complete all required fields.
  8. Complete the registration form.
  9. Click Submit. A Dedication page appears only if an Amount was entered under the Donation heading during the registration process. The page will be completed as described in the steps below. If a donation amount was not entered, this page will not appear and you can complete it as follows:
    1. For Recognition From, select the appropriate option to indicate how the participant would like to be recognized for their own personal contribution. If you select Other, you must provide the necessary information.
    2.  For Recognition Type, select the appropriate option to indicate the type of recognition.
    3. For Recognition To, enter the name of the individual being recognized.
    4. Select the check box if the registrant would like their donation amount to be displayed in the Honor Roll scroll on the event site.
    5. Click Preview to see how the information will appear in the Honor Roll scroll.
    6. Click Submit when you are satisfied with your selections. A confirmation page opens to indicate that the registration was successfully entered. The registrant will receive a notification E-mail (if a valid E-mail address was entered in the Email field).
  10. Click Bookkeeping in the Breadcrumb.
  11. Click Manage Initiative Records under Edit Transactions.
  12. For Show Me, click Participants.
  13. Search for the participant or click Show All to display all participants of the Thon event.
  14. Verify that the registrant’s name is included in the list.