This error can occur in the plugin when constituent records and/or associated gift records are mis-linked or the linking is corrupt due to action taken on the Raiser's Edge or Luminate record. Examples of how data can get into this state could be if a constituent in The Raiser's Edge was either merged or deleted, before downloading a new gift from Luminate Online for that donor or if Raiser's Edge was restored to a backup while gifts and constituent updates were left unprocessed in the plugin. Click Yes to remove the invalid transaction(s) from the RELO integration.

Alternate Solutions:
  1. In Luminate Online, go to Fundraising > Transactions and enter the Gift ID from the error into the Transaction ID field, then click Search
  2. Open the constituent record in Luminate Online for the donor who made the gift
  3. If the donor is marked as (Removed), it will be necessary to either move the gift to another donor (if there is another active record for the same constituent in Luminate Online), or have the Removed constituent reactivated.
  4. If needed, compare ID's on the constituent records in both Luminate Online and The Raiser's Edge to confirm if the donor has duplicate records and which one is appropriate to follow the steps below. The following solution has information on which unique ID's are linked between The Raiser's Edge and Luminate Online
If the donor was removed because of a merge (i.e., there is another record in Luminate Online for the donor marked as Active):
  1. Find the gift on the Transactions tab of the Removed constituent in Luminate Online
  2. Ensure the last four digits of the Transaction ID match the Gift ID from the error message
  3. Click Change Donor under the Actions column
  4. Enter the appropriate search fields for the Active constituent record for the Donor and click Save
  5. Select the existing Active constituent and click Save
  6. Return to the Luminate Online plug in in The Raiser's Edge to process the gift without error
If the constituent was deleted in The Raiser's Edge, causing it to be (Removed) in Luminate Online (i.e., there are no other Active records for the donor):
  1. Follow this solution on how to reactive constituents in Luminate Online
  2. Reach out to Luminate Online support for assistance with this task, which usually takes 24 hours for the record to be reinstated
NOTE: In some instances the transaction ID is not searchable in Raiser's Edge or Luminate Online. This can be the result of a $0 TeamRaiser transaction. If the above options do not allow the transaction to be processed in the RELO plugin, users can choose the Yes option to delete the transaction out of the plugin and manually create the gift record in Raiser's Edge.

In some instances if a constituent was merged and deleted from Luminate Online without opening the Gift and Registrations page, errors occurred during the process of loading transactions that referenced IDs that were no longer in Luminate Online. A change was made in the February 2017 release of the RELO plugin to set the DONOR.FIRSTNAME AND DONOR.LASTNAME properties when the TeamRaiser transaction arrives to avoid the errors in this scenario. Please update to the latest plugin and web service version to resolve this issue.