1. Download and install the USB Swipe and Insert Reader demo at:
  3. Left click start, go to all programs, find MagTek and open USBMSR demo.
  4. Insure your reader is plugged in.  On the bottom of the program, It will say detected HID mode device.
  5. At the top of  program, click on file and open ‘  On the third line down, double click on change to Keyboard.txt.
  6. That should bring you back to the main screen and you see text in the load file line ending in “change to Keyboard.txt”. 
  7. Click on download on the right of that line. 
  8. In a few seconds, you will see text in the dialog box and then the bottom of the program will say detected KB mode device. 
  9. If this line does not change, close the program and re-open.
  10. Test in Excel or Notepad.

Note: Malware or viruses can cause a credit card swipe to malfunction.