Does Altru encrypt passwords and data?

 One of the most important security features used today are passwords and Altru uses passwords for each specific user.
There are all sorts of methods of encrypting data, each with its own set of characteristics. Altru uses SSL to encrypt passwords and data entered into the software to ensure all client information is secure.

Altru does encrypt passwords along with all other data entered into the software.

There are various types of encryption protocols. One of the most common that Altru uses is SSL: - SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is an encryption method developed by Netscape to provide security over the Internet. It supports several different encryption protocols, and provides client and server authentication. SSL operates at the transport layer, creates a secure encrypted channel of data, and thus can seamlessly encrypt data of many types. This is most commonly seen when going to a secure site to view a secure online document with Communicator, and serves as the basis for secure communications with Communicator, as well as many other Netscape Communications data encryption. It's also worth noting that the SSL protocol can be used to pass many other common protocols, "wrapping" them for security.



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