Important Notes Before Installation

If your school is new to Connect RE, there is an implementation process that must be completed with a Blackbaud Specialist prior to beginning to use Connect RE.  Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.  If you have already completed the Implementation process, proceed to the instructions below.

To Install Connect RE on a New Workstation

Note: If your data is hosted by Blackbaud, this request must be completed by our hosting administrators. Please click Chat with Support and reference this Knowledgebase article.

ConnectRE must be installed on any workstations that will be running the plugin.  To install Connect RE:
  1. Using Internet Explorer, go to the URL provided for the installation:
  2. Depending on your browser setting you may be prompted to Run or Save the installation file Setup.exe.  Click Run. (If the file is saved to the computer, browse out to its location and double-click to run Setup.exe)
  3. At Do you want to install the Connect Raiser's Edge plugin? click Yes.
  4. The installation will run and complete with a message stating the plugin was successfully installed.
Once the installation is complete, an icon for Connect Raiser's Edge will be present in the Raiser's Edge Bar within The Raiser's Edge.  Please note, only users with Supervisor rights in the Raiser's Edge will be able to access ConnectRE. The Connect RE integration relies on confidence in your organization utilizing Core and the "ON" products as the primary database of record as this is a one way sync from your Core database to Raiser's Edge. For additional information about the Connect RE, please see the Connect Raiser's Edge Users Guide