Error: Assertion Failed: No data defined for code table ID 39 Routine: mod_DataServer.StaticGetTableDataArray When adding a class column in Chart of Accounts Report

When trying to add a column that would display class, fund or department on a Chart of Accounts Report, user receives Error: Assertion Failed: No data defined for code table ID 39 Routine: mod_DataServer.StaticGetTableDataArray.


We are currently evaluating this issue. 

Alternative Solution:
1. In Query, click New.
2. Choose the query type of Account and keep it as Dynamic.
3. To only display active accounts, on the criteria tab expand Account from Available fields.
4. Double-click Active/Inactive and choose Operator: Equals Value: Active. Click OK.
5. On the Output tab, expand Account and double-click the following: Account, Account Description,
 Account Class and any other columns you require.
6. On the Sort tab, expand Account and double-click on Account.
7. Click results to view account listing.
8. To print, click File and Print.
Note: To have columns print evenly across page, mark the box "Size columns to fit page". You can also enter a custom Header.


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