This can be accomplished by running a Query on your group. Follow the steps below to do this:
  1. Go to Data Management > Select Query
  2. Click Create a new Query
  3. Give your Query a name and a Description
  4. You should land on the Query Builder tab and the first thing we'll need to do is Add a Group Clause
Using the Field Type and Field dropdown menus, you can add query logics that will determine which users in the group(s) populate in your query:
  1. Click the dropdown menu for Field Type > Select Email
  2. Click the dropdown menu for Field > Select Email Status
  3. Click Add Field Clause
  4. In the popup window that opens, choose equals Bad (Hard Bounce) and click Save.
Use the instructions above to create the additional clauses below:

Field Type: Email
Field: Email Status
equals Bad (Soft Bounce)

Field Type: Email
Field: Accept Email (this is email opt-in status)
equals true

Your finished Query logic should look something like this:

A member of 'Group Name' group
AND Email Status equals Bad (Hard Bounce)
AND Email Status equals Bad (Soft Bounce)
AND Accept Email equals true

Click Save Query and then click  Run Query. Click the Refresh button until you see a list of constituents populate. If you would like to export this list of constituents in to Excel, then click  Use Query. Choose Create a Mail-Merge list and click Go. Now you can Create a Mail Merge from the list of constituents that populated in your Query to get them in to a CSV (Excel) file.