• Verify Mixed Mode Authentication is enabled on the Raiser's Edge SQL Server
  • If Mixed Mode Authentication is enabled, the NetCommunity site may be pointing to the incorrect database. Check the RE7 WS Authenticate line on the testconfig to see which database NetCommunity is looking for.  If the database is not correct:
  1. Log in to NetCommunity as an Supervisor user
  2. Navigate to Administration > Sites & Settings
  3. Select the Web Services tab
  4. Edit the database number to match the correct Raiser's Edge database number
  5. Click the small Save button at the top of the screen
If you are not able to log in to the NetCommunity website, and are split hosted, Click Chat with Support and reference this article

If you host the NetCommunity webserver, log into the server, and go to http://localhost/configuration.aspx.  The Web Services tab can be accessed from here, and the database number can be changed.