1099 forms are not pulling the 1099 Name from the Vendor's address tab when previewing 1099 forms

 After updating to The Financial Edge 7.87.164, 1099 forms are not pulling the correct 1099 recipient name when an alternate 1099 name was entered in the Vendor's addresses tab on the Vendor record. 
Please update to the current version of Financial Edge 

Alternative Solution:
1.    Create a new Vendor Query
2.    On the Criteria tab, select Vendor > 1099 Vendor = Yes
3.    On the Criteria tab, select Address > 1099 Name -> Not Blank
4.    On the Output tab, select Vendor Name
5.    On the Sort tab, sort the list alphabetically if desired
6.    Export the list to Excel
7.    Cut and paste the information into the Aatrix 1099 Grid “Optional Name” box for any Vendors listed who have specific 1099 Names.



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