1.  In your query, go to the Set Save Options tab.  Mark the box to create a selection, dynamic selection.  Save the query.
  2. Add an Export Definition.  Make sure the source view is the same as the source view of your query.  Click on Constituencies on the left, then Constituency in the middle and move this to the right.  In the export criteria screen, choose how many constituencies to export at the top.  If you only want to export certain constituencies, at the bottom choose Selected Constituencies, and move Constituency over to the right.  Set the criteria to equal to your constituency you want to export.  Click Ok.  Save the export definition.
  3. Add an Export process.  Choose the type of export definition.  In the selection field, find your query.  In the export definition field, select your export definition.  Save the export.  Click on the name of the export and click Start Process.  Then download the results to Excel.