Unable to query for a constituents current job and job title

Trying to create an Ad-Hoc query to show the following information about each queried constituent when using the "Business (Primary)" node:
  • Current business worked for
  • Current Job Title at above business
We run into an issue where it is listing people that don't apply to the set filters above the Ad-Hoc output.
The "Business (Primary)" node does not function in a normal way in regards to the other nodes.

Items from within the "Business (Primary)" reflect on the record set as the Primary Business for the returned record. These items will no longer apply to the Filters set on the Ad-Hoc query. To clarify this we can use the following example:
In the database we'll have an Organization record "Example Org" and two constituent records "John" and "Jane," whom both work at Example Org. On both the constituent records, Example Org is set as the Primary Business'.

Building out an Ad-Hoc query with the following Filters:
* Constituent first name equal to "John"
* Name
* Business (Primary)\Relationships\Employment Information\Job Title

When run, the Business (Primary) will replace the use of John with itself. Now the output will look to Example Org and pull everyone that has it set as their Primary Business and list out their Job Titles, such as the following example:
Name: John | Job Title: Programmer
Name: Jane | Job Title: CEO

Here we can see that while the original filter wouldn't include Jane in the output, however she was pulled in because:
The return of John in the filter triggered the system to use his org, Example Org.
The output from Example Org lists everyone where it is the Primary Business, and outputs their information.

Currently, this is how the system is designed. As a workaround we can use the following Output to narrow down who is listed out by removing the "Business (Primary)" node:
  • Name
  • Relationships\Related Constituent\Name
  • Relationships\Employment Information\Job Title
  • Relationships\Is primary business
This will output anyone that matches in the Filter section, as well as a list of the constituents job history of sorts. The output will be:
  1. Their name
  2. The name of their relationship (Business Name)
  3. The Job Title set in that relationship
  4. One of the following:
    • "Yes" if this is the particular job that is the primary job currently for the constituent
    • "No" if this is a relationship listed, but is not the primary job listed for the constituent
    • "" (blank) if there is no organization ever listed on the constituents record



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