Try each of the following until the problem is identified: 
  1. Go to the member's constituent record.  On the left under Tasks, see if there is an Online Information section.  If there is not, this means the member has never registered.  They have to click Register to sign up to receive automatic member discounts.  Then, each time they log in, they must click Sign In and enter their username and password to sign in and receive the discount.
  2. If there is an Online Information section on the constituent record, click on that.  Check that last sign in date.  If it was before the date of the transaction that received the discount, this means they did not sign in. They must sign in to receive automatic member discounts.
  3. Verify the discount is set up correctly.  Go to Tickets > Discounts and promotions > Ticket and Merchandise Discounts.  Click on the discount.  Go to the Eligibility tab.  Ensure the membership program is listed here, and any applicable levels.  Ensure the discount is selected for automatic use at the top of the discount.
  4. If someone registered for the site while they were making their first purchase, the discount will not apply.  It will only apply to any subsequent sales after the first one completed after registration.  To avoid this issue, have users register for the site independently of their purchase using the Register button.  
  5. Go to Constituents > Constituent Search.  Do a search on the member's name.  See if a duplicate record was created while the member was registering.  This would happen if the member entered a different address or phone number when they were registering.  Merge the two records together so that the member receives future discounts.  
  6.  If none of the above solves the issue, issue a partial refund in the amount of the discount (BB730344).