The setup of the Table/Seating arrangement allows your organization to enter the total number of tables and seats per table.

Note: "Rooms" is in parenthesis because there are situations where there are no tables involved and it could be a presentation or meeting where there are sessions, such as in a Conference. In this situation, you would enter the Number of Rooms that are available along with the total number of seats available per Room.

How to add Tables (Rooms) and Seats to a Gala Event: 

1. Go to Communities > Special Events > Kintera Gala
2. Highlight [Gala Event name], select Event Admin
3. Click Organize Table/Seating Arrangements
4. Within the Tables (Rooms) and Seating Arrangements screen, click the hyperlink "Add more tables (rooms)/seats?
5. Define the number of tables (rooms) and seats per table (room), click Submit

The following solutions are provided for your use/reference to increase the useability of Tables(Rooms)/Seating arrangements within a Gala Event: 

How to Assign Participants to a Table within a Gala Event

How to report on your Gala Event Table(Room)/Seat status