For information about how to create or edit a part, as well as the tabs on the Edit Part screen, see Create and Edit Parts.
  1. From the Design tab, in the Report Type field, select the type of report to create.
  2. To view a pop-up preview of the report, click on the report type. For information about report types, see the introduction to Web Traffic Reports.
  3. In the Report Title field, select the report title.
  4. To use the report name as the title, select Default.
  5. To use a custom title, select Other and enter the report title in the field.
  6. To display the name of the report, select Show Report Title.
  7. Click Save. You return to Parts.
  8. To use the part, you must place this on a page to view it's report features.  For more information on the report type features, please see Web Traffic Reports.
Warning: To create a Web Traffic report, you must run Microsoft SQL Server Agent. If you are unsure whether you run this program, consult your system administrator.