In order to promote a Team Leader to a Company Leader, the team leader will need to be made an individual participant by promoting a dummy participant to the team captain position, then promoted to Company Leader. After the participant is promoted to Company Leader, you will need to create a dummy team, then merge this team with their existing team.

Promote a Dummy Participant to Team Leader of the Real team:
  1. Navigate to Communities>Special Events>Friends Asking Friends>Kintera Thon
  2. Hover over your event and select Bookkeeping
    • If a temporary/dummy participant is not registered, register a dummy participant
  3. Click Manage Initiative Records
  4. Search for the dummy participant and click Edit next to their record
  5. Click Edit Registration Information
  6. Click Become a Team Captain of an Existing Team
  7. Select the radio button next to the Real team
Make the Real Participant an Individual Participant:
  • Note: these steps can be resumed from Bookkeeping>Manage Initiative Records
  1. Search for the Real Team Leader and click Edit next to their record
  2. Click Edit Registration Information
  3. Click Become an Individual Participant
  4. Click OK
Promote the Real Participant to Company Leader:
  1. Navigate to the Event Admin section of the event
  2. Click Manage Company Pyramid
  3. Expand Individual Participants
  4. Select the participant
  5. Hover over Edit and select Promote to Company Leader...
  6. Select the Company
Make a Team with the existing Company Leader:
  1. Within Event Admin>Manage Company Pyramid, expand Company Pyramid
  2. Select the Company
  3. Select the Company Leader
  4. Hover over the Right Column Edit and select Properties
  5. Mark the box for  "Set up a team for this leader?"
  6. Enter a Name for the team and click Submit
Merge the real team with the newly created team:

  1. Within Event Admin>Manage Company Pyramid, select the existing team
  2. Hover over the left Edit and select Merge To...
  3. Select the newly created team
If needed: edit the team name and delete the dummy participant