Steps to adjust the Student Billing Record linked to the Customer:
  1. When in the Store Operations Manager, open the specific Customer's Properties.
  2. Navigate to the Additional Tab.
  3. Adjust the EA7RecordsID to match the EA7RecordsID located on the Properties of the Student Billing Record of the record we want the Customer to link with.  
    Note: If this field is not editable:Check to make sure the Cashier in use has Security rights to edit this field. Make sure this field has a title.  This can be added in Store Operations Manager by going to File>Configuration>Captions.  This field is the first Text field.  Add the Name EA7RecordsID.  You may need to log out and log back in for the changes to take affect.
  4. Once edited to the correct EA7RecordsID, you will now be able to Load transactions to the new Student Billing Record.