In order to convert a donation to a registration fee, a registration must exist for the constituent that attempted to register. Register the TeamRaiser participant from the backend. During the registration process when choosing registration fee you can select Other Registration Fee Payment: $0.00. Then soft credit the donation that you would like to be converted to the registration.

The transaction must be on the same constituent record as the registration.

Once the participant is registered the conversion of the donation to a registration fee must be completed by Luminate Support. Please contact Support, referencing this article (71274), and providing the following information:
  • Confirmation Code for the donation that is to be converted to a registration
  • TeamRaiser ID number
  • Dollar amount of the denotation that is to be applied as a registration fee. 
Note: Support cannot convert a donation in to registration fees for multi (secondary) registrations. You would need to process a partial refund and then record an offline gift for the TeamRaiser participant to be converted in to a normal registration fee.