The RE reports and Sphere disbursement may not match based on various reasons.
  1. Not all Sphere data is brought over through the Connector
  2. Information may not be mapped correctly in Sphere
  3. Cash or check transactions might have been entered in Sphere and thus come through into Raiser's Edge. However, these amounts are not disbursed to your organization. 

To best match up any disbursements received the Payment Details Report in Sphere should be run.
  1. Navigate to Control > Reports > Billing > Payement Details. 
  2. Click on Date Range. Set it to match a Sphere billing cycle of the 1st-15th or 16-end of the month.
  3. Click Ok.
  4. Click Filters.
  5. Expand Report Specific.
  6. Click Fee.
  7. Click Add.
  8. In the pop up, select Not Empty from the dropdown menu.
  9. Click Ok.
  10. Click Ok.
  11. Click Run Report. 
This will bring up all online transactions that would have been part of a Disbursements.