There are two reasons why you may have received this error message. Please follow both steps to verify that both of these items have been checked. 

1.    Verify that your Constant Contact credentials are valid; First log into Constant Contact with your login id and password to make sure the credentials are correct. Then follow the steps below to ensure your Constant Contact credentials are entered correctly within the eTapestry database:
  1. Click Communications (drop down arrow)
  2. Click Manage Preferences under Constant Contact
  3. Verify or update your log in information
  4. Click Save

2.    Verify all accounts within your query are in the proper email format of If you have multiple email addresses on a Persona make sure that the email addresses are separated by either a comma or semi colon. In order to verify that the emails are in the correct format you can run the Query you are using for the Constant Contact transfer with the report steps below.
  1. Click Reports
  2. Click on a category that you want to store this report in
  3. Click New Report under the Task Menu
  4. Name the report Accounts with Email Addresses
  5. Choose Commonly Used fields from the available fields and click on Name and Email
  6. Arrange the columns into order by clicking on the middle of the field column and dragging up or down.
  7. Click Save and Run under the Task Menu
  8. Under Select Query choose your category in the top box and choose your query in the bottom box
  9. At the bottom of the page choose a Delivery Option and then click Submit