How to pull a list of registrants with registration option for special events

You may need to have a detailed list of registrants attending your upcoming special fundraising event. This solution will provide steps to build a query with information you may need about your registrants who will be in attendance (for example, seating notes, host name, etc.)
Start your query: 
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library.  
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query.
  3. Select type and source view of Registrants and click Ok.
Add fields to Include Records Where:
  1. To filter on your event, in the left column, highlight Event. From the middle column, select Event Record and drag the field into Include Records Where. Search for your event and click OK. Your filter should read: Event\Event Record is equal to <your event>.
  2. To only include registrants who are planning to attend, in the left column, click on Registrants at the top. In the middle column, select Will not Attend and move this to the top Include Records Where box.  Set the criteria to equal to No. Your filed should read: Will not attend is equal to No.
  3. We will also want to eliminate guests that are not attending. In the middle, select Attended/No-show and move this to the top Include Records Where box.  Set the criteria to be not equal to No-show or is blank. Your field should read: Attended/No-show is not equal to No-show or is blank.
 Add fields to Results Fields to Display: 
  1. For the registrants name, Name is included in the Results Fields to Display of a Registrants Query by Default. 
  2. To see which option they are registered for, use the field: Mapped Registrations\Registration Option.
  3. To see their Host if they are a guest, use the field: Host\Name
  4. If you would like to see any other details about the registrants, in the left column, expand the Constituent Node and use these fields. For example, if you'd like everyone's Last Name and First name for sorting, highlight Constituents in the left column and drag Last\Organization\Group\Household name and First Name from the middle column, to Results fields to display.
  5. If you'd like to output any seating information, highlight Registrant at the top of the left column. In the middle column, drag fields such as Table\Row Number, Seating Note to Results fields to display.
  6. If you'd like to output any preference information, use the fields: Preferences\Preference Group and Preferences\Preference to Results fields to display (Note: this may create duplicate lines if you have more than one preference). 
  7. If you'd like to see how many tickets they purchased, move Registrations\Quantity to Results Fields to Display.

Your final query will look similar to below:
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