When the donor first signs up for a recurring/sustaining gift in Luminate Online, the sustaining gift will appear in Luminate Online under the Transactions tab for the Constituent. This transaction includes a schedule, which will be used to determine when payments should be processed. Luminate Online will then process the payment automatically, and payments will be made from the donor’s credit card or bank account.
When this information transfers to The Raiser’s Edge, this occurs in a specific way:
Original Recurring Gift:
When the recurring gift is initially made, the gift will flow to the plug in to appear for processing in Donations and Gifts. The Gift Type will be “Recurring Gift”. For more information on recurring gifts, see How to create a recurring gift (BB7689).
If a payment is made at the same time that the recurring gift is created in Luminate Online, then a payment will also come into the plug in with the recurring gift. This payment will not be a separate line item in either the plug in or the batch. Once the batch is committed, the payment of Recurring Gift Pay-Cash will appear on the constituent’s record.
When each additional payment is processed by Luminate Online, the payments will come into the plug in with a gift type of Cash. A note will appear in the Gift Information column for the transaction that states “This is a recurring gift payment”. When the payment is processed into a batch, it will automatically be applied to the proper recurring gift (as long as that recurring gift record was processed through the Luminate Online plug in). When the payment is committed with the batch, the Gift type will change to Recurring Gift Pay-Cash.
Note: Since recurring gifts are automatically processed and charge the donor’s account from Luminate Online, there is no need to process the credit cards or direct debits in The Raiser’s Edge. It is important to exclude these Luminate Online recurring gifts from processing within The Raiser’s Edge in order to prevent double charging constituents. Users should be aware that only successful payments will sync to Raiser's Edge, declined transactions do not sync via the RELO integration.