1. Click Accounts
  2. Click Find an Account
  3. Type the name of the account
  4. Click on the name of the person
  5. Click the blue Journal link in the account header 
  6. Click Pledge
  7. On the right in the Click Pledge Information section click Modify Existing Schedule
           a.    If the gift type is set to Credit Card, update the Credit Card Number and the Expiration Date fields
           b.    If the gift type is set to Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), update the Routing Number and Account Number fields

      8. At the bottom click on the drop down beside search and choose Go to Journal
      9. Click Save And

Any future pledge payments will now process with the updated payment information.

There is an eTapestry Standard Report for finding Almost Expired Credit Cards, which will help you stay on top of keeping the information current. Learn more about that report here: How can I find credit/debit cards that will expire soon