Backup and Recovery of Programs & Data Files
Control Objective #6 - Controls provide reasonable assurance that applications and data files are backed up and can be restored from backup media.

The Company maintains client data on its servers and utilizes EMC Networker and EMC ISILON Snapshot Provider, an automated backup utility software tool, to perform backups of application source code and client data. Automated backups are performed according to a formal backup schedule whereby incremental backups are performed daily and full backups are performed weekly. (6.1) A CHRON job has been established to monitor the status of each automated backup procedure (i.e. success or failure) and send an e-mail of the job status to IT personnel. (6.2) Backup failures are investigated and rerun until successful. (6.3)

Backups are written to a tape and sent offsite (Iron Mountain) for DR purposes for the Application Database portion and the Filesystem is protected via snapshot technology and replicated off-site for DR purposes. (6.4) All backup tapes sent to Iron Mountain will remain off-site for one month. Once tapes return on-site they are recycled into the backup pool and the data is overwritten. In order to verify that the backup tapes can be utilized in the event of a system operational issue or disaster, the Company's IT personnel conduct a test restore of a sample of applications and data on an annual basis. (6.5)