The Advocacy Dashboard will give you a general feel for the number of constituents that were created by an alert. For an exact number, follow these steps:
  1. Create a query.
  2. Filter on Field Type System Field Origin Application Type that equals Advocacy Response.
  3. Add an Action Alert Clause to include the action alert in question.
  4. Save the query and go to the Results tab.
  5. Click on the Use Query link to Create a Mail-Merge list and click the Go button.
  6. Fill out the page selecting the fields of your choosing including:
    • Biographical Information/Constituent ID
    • Biographical Information/Origin Application Reference ID
  7. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the Mail-Merge.
  8. Download the Mail-Merge results.

In the resulting file there will be some records that were not created by the alert. However, all of the records where the Origin Application Reference ID is the same as the Action Alert ID will have been created by this alert. Note that if you cannot find the "Origin Applicaiton Reference ID" in Mail-Merge, contact support to have that field turned on.