To limit who can see the Team roster on an event by event basis, you can do the following:
  1. Teamraiser -> Edit the event -> Event Options -> Advanced Event Options -> C. Define Misc Options -> Step one:
  2. Current Team Members Visible in Address Book and Team Roster of Participant: Step 1.
  3. Displays the locked status of this field.
  4. Defines if teammate information displays in the Address Book of participants and team roster (Yes means that teammate information is available; No means that teammate information is not available; and Captains means that the information is available in the Address Books and team roster of the Team Captains)

Support can also adjust this for every event with this site data parameter:
Display teammate information in the contact lists of participants and team roster (TRUE means the information is visible; FALSE means it is not visible; and CAPTAINS means that the information is visible only to the Captains and Co-Captains of the team)

There is also this SDP:
Define who can view the contact list information about donors supporting teams with donations. Valid options are: CAPTAINS, CO-CAPTAINS, and MEMBERS. Default is CO-CAPTAINS.

If you are unable to view these Site Settings under the Site Options, contact support and reference this article and they can make the changes on your behalf.