This can occur when there is a file attachment field on the OLA or ORE form that is hidden based off of another field rule. For example, you ask users if they have a form to attach to the form. If they say yes, then the form attachment field will appear on the form. If a user places a form in the form attachment, and then says no to the form attachment the error can occur. The form will still be attached to the submission, even though the user chooses no as an option. This can also occur when the user is allowed to save the form, uploaded a file within the form, and the form design changes to remove this file upload field.

We recommend to remove the rule to hide the file attachment field. This will have the file attachment field show all of the time, and keep the error from occurring.

Steps to allow users that receive the error to submit the form:
  • Have the user show the file attachment field, and try submitting the form again. If their payment was already taken previously, please provide the user with a fee waiver code to submit the form.
  • Or have a user delete the files that are attached to the form submission on the data tab in NetCommunity. Follow the steps below to do this:
    1. Find the name of the uploaded document: Click Site Explorer > Forms. Click the Data tab.  Find the users form and click the paperclip icon for attachments to see any files uploaded with the Form. 
    2. Locate the file within the File Library: Click Site Explorer > Files and search for the file from Step 1.
    3. Permanently delete the file:  Save the contents externally if you wish to have a copy of the content. Click the red X next to the file to delete.  Click the Deleted Files option on the left menu and delete the file again to permanently remove this file from the site.
    4. Resubmit the form: Login as the affected user and submit the form.  If payment was already collected, provide waiver code to submit the form without fee.