Error: Failed to locate version info for the AUF file - when creating 1099s or State and Federal Tax reports

When trying to access Aatrix to run 1099s or State and Federal tax reports, a user may receive the following error: Error: Failed to locate version info for the AUF file.
1. Go to C:\programfiles\Blackbaud\ The Financial Edge
2. Open the Sysdb folder
3. Change the file extension on AP7data.auf to AP7data.old
*If receiving this error when trying to access State and Federal Tax forms in Payroll, change file extension PY7data.auf and change it to PY7data.old
4. Open the 1099 tax report
5. This will update the .auf file and tax report can be accessed

NOTE: If you still receive errors after running again, go back and delete the AP7data.old (or PY7data.old) file and run the report again.


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