Changes are not saved when selecting Create New Tribute in the Luminate Online plug in

With The Raiser's Edge/Luminate Online integration, users may download and process Honor/Memorial or Tribute gifts into The Raiser's Edge. In the Luminate Online plug in, in the Tribute Linking grid for Honor/Memorial Gifts, there is an option to Create New Tribute which creates a new tribute with the information entered online by the donor. Users may find that if they click Create New Tribute and then navigate away from the gift in the plug in, changes to the Tribute linking are not saved.

Download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable.  This fix is available in version 1.4.5465 of the Luminate Online plug in for The Raiser's Edge.

Alternative Solution: 
  1. To add the gift to an existing batch, reference the options in Tools > Batch Options (BB748649)
  2. Process the gift into a batch before navigating away after clicking Create New Tribute



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