This can occur if a record that was sent down to the Luminate Online plug in for The Raiser’s Edge has been edited since it made it to the plug in.
For example, if a user manually edits an email address for a constituent in Luminate Online, this will prompt the record to be sent to the plug in.  If another user then manually updates the email on the Raiser’s Edge record for that constituent, it will still be in the plug in, but will display this message to indicate that there are no differences since they were manually entered. This is standard functionality and the message appears to explain why there are no fields available under the Constituent Information section for the record in the plug in.

Update to the latest versions of the integration to resolve this issue. Please contact Support and create a case if you are still experiencing this issue after updating plugin versions 1.4.6339.27291 and version 1.4.17124.1 of web services or above.