1. Click on the Luminate Online Plug in within The Raiser’s Edge
  2. Click on Donations and Gifts
  3. Mark the checkbox next to the donation you would like to process
  4. A Tribute Linking box will appear in the Record Linking section for the gift
  5. To search for an existing Raiser’s Edge tribute, place your curser in the Linked Tribute box and select F7 on your keyboard to search for the Honor/Memorial constituent in your database. If they do not have a record in The Raiser’s Edge, click Create New Tribute (or hit Ctrl+N) and enter in the appropriate information on the Honor/Memorial tab.
  6. The Link Tribute Information screen appears. The Tribute Information from Transaction, Linked Tribute Information, and Acknowledgee data defaults from the website. The information that the donor entered on the donation form will autopopulate.
  7. In the Honor/Memorial field, click the binoculars to search for an existing Raiser’s Edge honor/memorial record.  On the search screen that opens, search and find the existing Honor/Memorial. If you cannot find the constituent, be sure to unmark “Constituent is an Honor/Memorial” at the bottom of the search screen and search again. You can also click Add New if there is no existing record for the Honor/Memorial constituent in the database.
  8. Once your Honor/Memorial is selected, In the Tribute field, select a tribute type from the drop down menu in The Raiser’s Edge if needed, or accept the Tribute created from Luminate Online. You can also click the Folder icon next to the Honor/Memorial name to open the Honor/Memorial Constituent and add a new Tribute if it does not yet exist.
  9. In the Acknowledgee box, to link the acknowledgee to a Raiser’s Edge relationship record, press F7. 
  10. A screen appears for you to link to an existing relationship record on the Honor/Memorial constituent’s relationships tab. If the acknowledgee does not have an existing Relationship record, click Add New to add a relationship record, or return to the Link Tribute Information screen. When you click OK on this screen, a new relationship record is created for the acknowledgee with data entered by the donor on the Luminate Online website.
  11. After you link the acknowledgee to a Raiser’s Edge record, acknowledgee information appears in the Linked Record box
  12. If the acknowledgee is a self-acknowledgee, be sure to check the box “Self-acknowledge Honor/Memorial” to avoid creating a duplicate self-acknowledgee record.
  13. To return to the Tribute Linking frame, click OK. Tribute data from The Raiser’s Edge appears in the Linked Tribute box. Linked appears above the box.
  14. Select to process the transaction to add it to a Raiser’s Edge gift batch for committal.
Note: If you do not have the RE:Tribute optional module, Honor/Memorial information will download directly to the RE gift record. Navigate to the RE gift record and view the Attributes tab Tribute Name and Tribute Type. Navigate to the gift record Miscellaneous tab to view the Notepad titled "LO Tribute Message" for any option/additional information input by the donor.