This message is more of a warning than an actual error. This warning means that your default site currency is conflicting with one of the gateway accounts in your Luminate instance. There is a default gateway account called "Internal (Test)" in every Luminate instance, which uses USD as its default currency. If your site is using a different currency (CAD for example), then this warning may appear because this default gateway is conflicting with your site's currency settings. To verify what exactly is causing this warning, please follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Setup > Select Payment Capabilities
  2. Select the Payment Services tab at the top
You will be presented with a list of your Gateway Accounts. Under the Type column, you will see "Internal (Test)" and under the Currency column, it will say USD. If your site uses a currency other than USD, then this Internal (Test) account should be the only gateway that is using a conflicting USD currency. If you see any other gateway accounts using a conflicting currency, then please Contact Support and reference this article.  Otherwise, this warning can be ignored.