In the receipt manager, each receipt explicitly states which applications (donation campaigns, TeamRaiser, etc.) can use that particular receipt template. However, if a default receipt template is specified, that template will be used any time there is a receiptable transaction that is not authorized to use any of the receipt templates (including itself). This can cause confusion, as you may not want to receipt donations made in particular contexts. If you do not set any template as the default, all receiptable transactions that are not authorized to use any particular template will NOT generate a receipt. Once a default template is chosen, all affected transactions will have the option to generate a receipt (but will not do so automatically). To clear the default receipt template:
  1. Go to Setup > Receipt Manager
  2. Go to the "Global Options" tab
  3. Go to step 7 "PDF Receipt Template". If a template is chosen from the drop down, that is your default receipt template. To clear this out, choose the option that says "Please Choose an Option" to deselect the default and save.
If you have any problems executing these steps, please contact support.

Note: The default receipt template can still only generate receipts for transactions it is authorized to do so (setting aside the allowed applications). Specifically you will want to examine whether the default receipt is allowed online transactions only, offline only, or both.