View RE7 missing in ResearchPoint search results and records

When searching all saved records through ResearchPoint, records that are linked with The Raiser's Edge (RE) show the RE constituent ID number, but it is not a hyperlink to open the Raiser's Edge constituent record.  In linked prospect records, the View RE7 button is missing, as well.
When ResearchPoint was upgraded to version 3.17 in August of 2014, many improvements were made to how ResearchPoint integrates with The Raiser's Edge.  The biggest change was the use of Blackbaud Web Services for the integration, rather than requiring users to install an interface to their local computers.  

Using Blackbaud Web Services allows users to use integration in any browser and any environment, without using a Raiser's Edge user license.  However, users will no longer be able to open The Raiser's Edge record directly from ResearchPoint.  This offers improved data security, quicker syncing, and the freedom of opening The Raiser's Edge (RE) without using 2 RE user licenses simultaneously.  Additionally, ResearchPoint users can now see a real-time list of active addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses from The Raiser's Edge record directly within the ResearchPoint prospect record.


 3.17 or higher

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