How to install and enable Blackbaud Web Services for ResearchPoint Integration

To use the ResearchPoint integration for The Raiser's Edge, Blackbaud Web Services must be installed in The Raiser's Edge first. When you install Blackbaud Web Services, a System Key is generated that will connect ResearchPoint with The Raiser's Edge.  Integration is only available to users who have been given login credentials to both ResearchPoint and The Raiser's Edge.  How to integrate The Raiser's Edge and ResearchPoint.  How to setup integration between ResearchPoint and The Raiser's Edge. How to setup ResearchPoint integration.

There are two parts to enable integration between Raiser's Edge and ResearchPoint.  Part 1 consists of generating a connection key in Raiser's Edge and supplying the key to ResearchPoint so that the connection can be established.  Part 2 consists of supplying your Raiser's Edge login username and password to ResearchPoint so that it will authenticate to the database.  Before beginning these steps, insure that you are a Supervisor level user in Raiser's Edge.  If you are not, stop here and engage with your organization's designated Raiser's Edge Supervisor.

These steps should be performed on only ONE workstation or server that meets the following requirements:

  • The Raisers Edge Client installed
  • Is powered on 24 hours per day / 7 days per week
  • Has .NET version 4.6.2 or higher installed?  If it's not, stop this procedure and install this.
  • No Blackbaud NetCommunity Elements may be installed on the workstation or server you are using to integrate ResearchPointNetCommunity assumes ownership of the communication ports required by ResearchPoint, which would prevent ResearchPoint from connecting if installed in the same location. ResearchPoint integration MUST be established on a server or workstation that is NOT used with BBNC integration.
  • Have your IT department Review What ports need to be opened in a firewall(s) for RE mobile or the RE Event app to work? to ensure your organizations firewall is setup to allow Web Services to communicate correctly


IMPORTANT: If you have recently transitioned or will be transitioning from hosting your Raiser's Edge locally to being hosted by Blackbaud (for RE and/or RE NXT) and you had The Raiser's Edge and ResearchPoint integrated locally, you must uninstall the Web Services that run that integration locally before the integration can be established again.  Leaving your locally installed Raiser's Edge environment with the integration to ResearchPoint running will prevent the integration from working in the Blackbaud Hosting Services environment.  Once you have verified that your local Web Services has been uninstalled for ResearchPoint within The Raiser's Edge, Contact Blackbaud Target Analytics Support via our online chat and reference this article number, requesting that that the existing integration connection be cleared.  The integration within ResearchPoint must be cleared by Blackbaud Target Analytics Support so that the new integration can be established.  
PART 1: Generate Key in Raiser's Edge and enable in ResearchPoint
  1. Open Raiser's Edge (if you use NXT, you will need to open RE in database view)
  2. In the Raiser's Edge navigation bar, click Web Services
    • If your Raiser's Edge environment is hosted by Blackbaud, you may now skip to Step 6. You will NOT need to install Web Services, this is already installed when you are Hosted by Blackbaud.
  3. Under Available Services, click Blackbaud Web Services.  Observe that Blackbaud Web Services will move from under Available Services to Installed Services.
  4. Under Installed Services, click Blackbaud Web Services.  Observe that the Configuration Options screen appears.
  5. Install the service:
    • Click Install Service.  The Blackbaud Web Services Setup Wizard appears.
    • Click the Open button to browse to a location in which to install Blackbaud Web Services
    • Click Next.
    • Click Install.  Blackbaud Web Services is installed to the location you specified
    • After the installation completes, click OK.  You will be returned to the Configuration Options screen
  6. If it is not already open, click Blackbaud Web Services under Available Services to open the Configuration Options.
  7. Under Features, click ResearchPoint.
  8. Click Generate Key.  The Customer Information screen appears.
  9. Enter your organization's Site ID and an email address associated with your Blackbaud Customer Account.
  10. Either click the "Copy to clipboard" link to the right of the Key or make a note of the key that has been generated.
  11. Click Finish.  The ResearchPoint web service should now be active.
  12. Login to ResearchPoint
  13. Click The Raiser's Edge integration in the left navigation under Configuration
  14. Click Configure Integration.
  15. Input the key you recorded in Step 9.  If you used the "Copy to Clipboard" button, you may paste this in.
  16. Click test connection - If connection successful, click "Save"

PART 2: Supply login credentials to ResearchPoint.
NOTE: Before beginning this section, your Raiser's Edge Supervisor MUST make sure that RE7 Authentication is enabled in Raiser's Edge for all accounts that will need access to the integration.  Below is a screen shot of the relationship between the two programs.
User-added image

  1. Login to ResearchPoint
  2. Click The Raiser's Edge integration in the left navigation under Configuration
  3. Click Edit Credentials
  4. Input your RAISER'S EDGE username and password (Not your Citrix credentials if hosted by Blackbaud)
  5. Click test credentials - If login successful, click save.  If not successful, check that you typed the username and password correctly and that the account has been configured as depicted in the screen shot.

Additional information is available in the ResearchPoint Raiser's Edge Integration User Guide



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