Prior to importing the returned files the Attributes must be added into the database:

1. Click Administration > Attribute Categories
2. Click Add
3. In the Name box enter in the Score returned (ex. TAG:Lapsed Insights)
4. Select Model Scores and Ratings under Record Type
5. Select Text as the Data Type
6. Choose if you wish to Allow only one per record or Make available in lists

Create Import Batch:

1. Click Administration > Batch
2. Batch Entry > Batch Templates
3. Click Add > select Model Scores and Ratings Update
4. Name the Import process
5. Select Model Scores and Update Batch under Workflow Name and Numbering Scheme
6. Expand the Model Scores and Ratings attribute folder
7. Double click or drag the new attribute to the Selected Fields Window
8. Click Next
9. Review the Configure Options window
10. Click Next
11. Review Set Permissions window
12. Click Save

Import Returned file:

1. Click Administration > Import
2. Click Add
3. Select your newly created batch template from the Model Scores and Ratings folder
4. Name your import process
5. Map out to returned file
6. Click Next
7. Map Lookup ID to the file column header of Lookup ID
8. Click the Attribute name > click Map Collection Field
9. Map the field "Attributename" 1 to column header of "Attibutename" value
10. Map the field "Attributename" comment 1 to column header of "Attributename" comment
11. Map the field "Attributename" start date 1 to column header of "Attributename" date
12. Click OK
13. Click Next
14. Click Other Tab and mark Add New Entries under the Code Table Fields section
15. Click Save
16. Drop chevorn down in front of import name and click Start Process
17. Click Go To Batch Entry after successful process completion
18. Drop chevron down in front of batch then select Commit