Blackbaud Secure Payments page loads only a background-image or certain styles stripped

When you progress to "Step 3 Payment" of an Event Registration Form [non-classic] part type on a page that uses background images called from the site Style Sheet using the "background-image" property, the Blackbaud Secure Payments page loads only the background image, and does not load the fields and controls required to enter and submit payment card information. You also notice that certain media query styles are stripped.

This may happen if the Style Sheet was using Media Queries or Print Styles.

In BBPS 2.0, we added the ability to apply any media targeting applied to the style sheet. 

Print Styles are still not available to be added. We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternative solution:
1. Use an "Event Registration Form (Classic)" part type instead of the "Event Registration Form" part type.  (The "Classic" version of the part type does not connect to the Blackbaud Secure Payments page.)

Alternate solution: Remove the print styles from the style sheets and then manually update the secure payment templates.


 6.58.806 patch 6

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