Error saving record: Date To must be after Date From when adding Constituent Codes to Records

Users receive message: Error saving record: Date To must be after Date From when adding constituent codes on records that already contain the codes being added. This occurs when choosing to import new records or update existing records, and when manually adding the constituent code to the record.

These errors can occur when the import file is not formatted correctly, missing column headers, or mix-matched extensions when importing multiple values. To complete a successful import users should consider the following to troubleshoot the root cause of each exception.

1. If you are importing a large file, take a sample of 10 or less to manage a smaller group of exceptions.
2. Use the Import help files in Raiser's Edge to confirm the correct column headers are being used.
  • Navigate to Raiser's Edge
  • Select Admin>Import
  • Single click on the Import type from the left column list
  • Users can access the help files by noting the i information window and the bottom of the screen and clicking the Click here link.
3. Confirm the extensions are correct
4. Review the reference guide for common errors


 7.93.5782, patch 11

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