If the user is already using Online Express and can access the Online Express plugin from the Raiser's Edge, before uninstalling make sure the user has their Online Express ID and Name. This will be needed when reinstalling the program. 

This can be found by going to:
1. Click on Online Express
2. Click on Help
3. Click About on the bottom right
4. Copy down the Online Express ID and the Online Express Name

If the user is unable to locate this, it can be found in the same location on any other workstation that has the Online Express plugin installed. 

To uninstall Online Express complete the following steps:
1. Go up to File and Exit and Sign out of the Raiser's Edge
2. On the computer go to Start > Computer > Local C drive > Program Files (or Program Files (x86) if a using a Windows 7 OS) > Blackbaud > The Raiser's Edge 7 > Custom
3. Find the Online Express folder and the OnlineExpressPlugin.tlb. Rename this folder and the file (i.e. OnlineExpressOld and OnlineExpressPluginOld.tlb) 
4. Open the folder and rename any of the files located in the folder
5. Go through the normal steps of installing the Online Express Plugin (See KB68494)

When installation is complete and the user logs into the Raiser's Edge and clicks on the Online Express icon they will either be prompted for their Online Express ID or if this is the first time the organization is setting up Online Express, they will go through the normal set up process.